The Ultimate, turnkey, end-to-end Work From Home call center solution

Although my company does provide traditional “brick and mortar” call centers with a hosted/managed Virtual Call Center platform, we are seeing that the greatest demand is for a comprehensive Work From Home call center platform.  What would “the ultimate”, end-to-end Work From Home call center solution look like? First of all, to provide such a solution the first step would be to look at and recognize all of the aspects and solutions a company would require to have an enterprise class Work From Home solution. They would need people, pc’s, IT support, an enterprise class call center platform that is in alignment with the virtualized business model, and a support team with the expertise to support the Work From Home platform and call center agents.

Here’s what the specs might look like in a comprehensive Work From Home solution:

1. Vendor can offer the option of providing leased work from home employees that are professionally screened to insure a very low attrition rate. These leased call center agents need to be leased to the end client at per hour rates that are competitive with offshore solutions.

2. Vendor can provide pre-imaged, locked down PC’s with remote IT; this insures bandwidth and call quality.

3. Vendor can provide a server based, Virtual Call Center platform that is enterprise class, hosted & managed, has full-blown call center features and functionality, and requires no capital outlay for equipment. The only equipment that should be necessary are headsets.

4. Vendor offers a managed solution and assists with measuring agent performance, call quality and workforce management.

This type of comprehensive Work From Home call center model would allow businesses to expand without requiring more leased space? This solution would dramatically reduce facilities costs and overhead. This solution is Green and would reduce the number of cars on the road and emissions in the air. Besides being Green, it would assist in providing jobs to people with disabilities and stay at home moms.

When will a turnkey, comprehensive Work From Home call center solution be available to businesses? A solution this comprehensive is available today from Northwinds Contact Solutions ( Visit us online for more data, industry news or to learn about our agent program.

Darren C. Prine
Director of Strategic Partnerships
The Northwinds Contact Solutions

~ by Darren Prine on August 6, 2009.

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