A Green solution that is truly a “Win-Win” for both companies and their employees!

The ultimate “Green” business solution is now available through utilizing new call center technology.¬† By implementing an enterprise class Virtual Call Center platform, companies can virtualize their business and move their employees to a Work From Home environment. This seamless Work From Home platform with full call management, call reporting, call recording, call auditing and more, allows a business to move employees from costly commercial space and allows them the luxury of working from home. With a built-in “workforce management” module, companies can monitor employees just as if they were working in a “brick and mortar” office environment.

The Green implications here are that new buildings can be built designed with virtualization in mind and a building that traditionally required 10 floors at a cost of $10 million dollars might now only require 3 floors at a cost of $3 million dollars. Only essential staff will have to occupy office space and everyone else will be working from home. Imagine the savings in valuable resources when buildings can be built at half the size tradtionally required? This solution drastically reduces auto emissions due to employees working from home. Imagine the corresponding reduction in traffic!

The savings to a business are staggering. Here’s an example: Hilton Hotels just moved over 2,000 customer service representatives from 3 call centers to a work from home environment. Hilton is saving approximately $15 million¬† dollars a year on leased space alone. In addition, work from home employees will trade the convenience of working from home for a reduced compensation plan. In the case of Hilton, they are saving over $6.00 an hour per employee on thousands of employees.

The “Green” Benefits in a nutshell:
– Less cars on the road, less emissions in the air.
– Less natural resources needed for new buildings.
РCommercial buildings are the largest users of gas and electricity during peak hours.  This solution will reduce this energy usage.

This amazing platform is truly a win for businesses, employees and the environment. To learn more about how your business can Virtualize its workforce and enjoy the tremendous benefits outlined here, visit www.northwindscontactsolutions.com or contact:

Darren Prine at 1-800-831-8130

~ by Darren Prine on August 7, 2009.

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