A Voice/Data Managed Service Solution your company will not want to live without!

Hello friends,

I am not writing today to talk about my Virtual Call Center solution but instead to share details on a managed service offered by another company that I think is absolutely incredible. It’s not often I see a business solution that is so good that I walk away thinking “Why would any business want to live without this solution”. The solution I am going to share with you below is one of those solutions that nearly every U.S. based company will want to review and consider.

CityCare™ – A carrier agnostic voice/data lifecycle manager, telecom asset manager and much more!

CityCare™ offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to benefit from a fully staffed telecommunications department and a robust online management tool. It doesn’t matter whether you have a telecom staff or not, CityCare™ works well as a complement to what you are doing or as a complete solution.

“This is a company’s telecommunications department in a box” says John Casas, cofounder of CityCare™. “Our team’s sole focus is the management of the telecommunications lifecycle from network design to post sale support. This is our core competency and has been for the past 10 years. Placing these complex responsibilities on individuals within an organization and expecting them to effectively manage that in addition to their primary responsibilities, is not only unrealistic, but an inefficient use of company time and money.” He also went on to say “We plan to be a complete managed service solution to our clients that goes beyond telecommunications by offering a wide range of technology services from level 1 tech support to franchise support services and possibly even marketing services. Our passion lies in making our clients lives better by allowing them to focus on what they do best.’

CityCare™’s telecommunications asset manager is based upon consolidation and cost control; helping large companies with multiple locations gain a better hold on their individual locations voice and data network. Their web based service offers an interactive software platform specifically designed to meet clients’ most critical internal requirements and processes. The CityCare™ dashboard allows the user a simple yet powerful interface with CityCare™’s team of telecommunications professionals allowing for complete management of their telecommunications inventory lifecycle.

The CityCare™ dashboard provides detailed information about the network inventory of each of company location including total spend, products by carrier, monthly recurring charge by product and contract expiration dates.

Additionally, the dashboard’s “trouble ticket” management system allows for streamlined reporting of service issues which are managed by the CityCare™ operations team until resolution, taking a potentially enormous workload off the internal staff previously managing it. “This feature alone will save an incredible amount of time and frustration for companies” said one CityCare™ representative.

Combining seamless automation and ease of use, users can also create and track requests for complex tasks including network design, site survey, carrier sourcing and procurement, and provisioning of new voice and data services.

CityCare™ strives to be the leader in telecommunication solutions for all business markets. CityCare™ representatives stated that they will maintain an aggressive pace at innovation and uniquely tailored services to meet the demands of today’s market and those of future markets. For more information on CityCare™ or telecommunications managed services please visit their website at http://www.CityCaremgr.com or contact Jake Peterson at (952)738-2551.


Darren C. Prine
Director of Strategic Partnerships
The Northwinds Contact Solutions

~ by Darren Prine on August 21, 2009.

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