The Advantages of Using a Managed Service Provider for Call Center Services

When you think of a call center, do you imagine switchboard operators and a noisy background?  Managed Service Providers have changed the way call centers operate, and it is for the better.  If you could do one thing to enhance the quality of your day –to- day business operations, what would it be?  Chances are, you would like to offer better customer service in some way.  One way to accomplish that is to ensure that when your clients need to contact you in person, using the good old -fashioned telephone, they have a positive experience.  A carefully crafted business plan is nearly useless if conversations are less than stellar.

Many American consumers have had the terrible experience of calling a support line, only to be placed on “terminal hold” and finally speaking to an offshore, outsourced call center employee who succeeds in nothing more than further exacerbating a swiftly declining set of circumstances.

Imagine placing a call for service and being connected quickly to a pleasant, thoroughly capable representative who handles the situation with expertise and compassion.  Seriously…It’s not a dream anymore. Managed Service Providers in the United States have taken a look at the terrible state of many customer service call centers and are taking proactive steps to remedy the situation.

You might think such quality service would cost your business a fortune in setup and management fees.  While it is true that the cost of doing business in this way might be higher than outsourcing to low-wage overseas providers, the advantages of providing quality customer service have been proven to be of extreme value.

Managed Service Providers have the capability to host and manage call centers for all types and sizes of business.  They can even set up dedicated call centers and provide training to staff.  In addition, they can provide your company with call center representatives who work from their homes, using voice over Internet Protocol.

Since there are no employer costs associated with maintaining a brick and mortar business site for these virtual call centers, the overall price of using high quality, US based customer service representatives for telephone contact is lowered significantly. In addition to the lowered actual cost of maintaining these employees, there is the reduced cost of training them.  Add to that the fact that their overall job satisfaction tends to be higher than that of typical call center representatives, which improves their interactions with your customers as well as their overall effectiveness.  It is easy to see that maintaining a virtual call center is beneficial – in fact, Jet Blue’s call center is one hundred percent virtual – all of their call center representatives work from home.

With their adaptable solutions and the tailored options that they pride themselves on, call centers offered by Managed Service Providers can help to bring excellent customer service to any company, regardless of size or specialty.  The savings in facilities and hardware alone make this option worth taking a close look at – and the savings in time and effort on the part of businesses allow focus to remain on the things that really matter.  Everyone wins!

Darren C. Prine
Director of Strategic Partnerships
The Northwinds Contact Solutions

~ by Darren Prine on August 24, 2009.

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