Working from home is a rare grand slam, game-winning business trend

In today’s edition of AjaxWorld Magazine (, Vincent Deschamps wrote a fantastic article entitled “Everyone Wins When Employees Work at Home”.   Mr. Deschamps writes “Working from home is a rare grand slam, game winning business trend. In the contact center and elsewhere, the transition from commute to telecommute benefits employers, employees, end user customers and the environment alike. Employers can turn their business models upside down and have a huge advantage when contact center agents work at home.”

Deschamps goes on to cite several examples of these advantages:

“Outrigger Hotels had over 100 agents in a Denver contact center to serve its properties in the Hawaii, Asia-Pacific and Oceania regions. Over the course of a few years, Outrigger moved all of its contact center agents to work-at-home status, utilizing a Software as a Service-based contact center solution. The move significantly reduced tardiness and reduced agent turnover by approximately 35 percent. The shift also enabled Outrigger to shut down their building facility, further cutting overhead expense for the company.”

“VoiceCurve, a contact center outsourcer for major corporations based in Seattle, did the same thing. It started out with a traditional brick and mortar contact center and transitioned completely to a work-at-home model. Now, more than 200 highly-educated professionals work as contact center agents from their homes to serve several thousand VoiceCurve customers. VoiceCurve’s employee turnover has been reduced by 75 percent.”

Other than the tremendous savings gained from lower attrition, Deschamps goes on to mention the huge savings companies like Outrigger Hotels and VoiceCurve experienced from being able to reduce the size of or close down their existing facilities.  He writes “A company can actually shut down its physical facilities and run a virtual contact center staffed by hundreds or thousands of employees working from their homes.”

Deschamps goes on to discuss the benefits to the work-at-home employees “For employees, the work-at-home advantage starts with the commute. On average, working at home saves 90 minutes of commute time per day, plus the cost of gas. Those savings are likely driving the turnover reductions by immediately enhancing at-home workers’ quality of life, which can, in turn, improve health and reduce the number of sick days.”

How does this work-at-home business model affect the environment?  Deschamps writes “Work-at-home initiatives are also good for the environment. We burn less fossil fuel by not driving to work alone in our cars — something that more then 75 percent of the U.S. commuters do (according to U.S. Census Bureau data). So, working at home fits the green movement by helping reduce greenhouse gases, as well as turning off the lights and power to contact center facilities no longer needed by the business.”

Technology is fueling this new trend for companies to move to the work-at-home model.  Deschamps writes “Behind the game-winning business, employee, customer and environmental benefits lies a core of enabling technologies — voice over IP (VoIP) and Software as a Service-based contact center solutions. Over the past several years, these solutions have matured to the point that employees working from home are just as effective — from a communications standpoint — as their office-bound counterparts.’

To read the article in its entirety, go to

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Darren C. Prine
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Northwinds Contact Solutions

~ by Darren Prine on September 2, 2009.

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