Benefits and Savings of A “Green” Call Center

I found some fascinating statistics on the “Green” website of my expensive competitor, Avaya, that I thought I would share with you.

What are the Green implications of moving or expanding to a Virtual Call Center platform?

For Your Business:

When your employees work remotely, they put less stress on the environment as well as less stress on your bottom line.

You can save on gas, electricity and office space. For example, at an energy cost of #1.65 per square foot, a 100 agent call center costs $13,200 per year in avoidable power and gas bills.

You can also lower HR costs, while recruiting and keeping better employees. You’ll be able to reach out of your local labor pool and recruit the most qualified people, regardless of location. And when your best workers move, they can keep working for your business.

For Your Planet:

Help your employees work from home, and you can save the planet, one cubicle at a time.

Over the course of a year, a car driving commuter burns an average of 368 gallons of gas, creating 7,000 pounds of carbon emissions. Eliminate the commute, and you can reduce those numbers to zero – while alleviating the wasteful start-stop traffic caused by overcrowded roads.

Home offices use less fuel for heating, cooling and light than large facilities. And they can also help avoid the construction of new buildings entirely.

For Your Employees:

Eliminate the daily commute, and you’ve eliminated one of the most frustrating, costly, productivity-sapping parts of any job. Employees who work from home save on gas, insurance, parking and other commuting costs.

Working from home also makes it easier for employees to start the day on time, and to put in extra hours when needed. That can also help you improve productivity while you boost morale.

Example of Savings:

Turn commuters into telecommuters, and you can dramatically cut your company’s energy bills and carbon emissions.

For a 200 agent call center utilizing a work at home model, with an average daily commute of 20 miles, and telecommuting 5 days per week, the savings would be:

409,471 kwh of energy saved
462 tons of C02 emissions reduced
29,384 gallons of gas saved

Northwinds Contact Solutions is committed to helping call centers to “Go Green”. Get data and case studies on our website at

All the best,

Darren C. Prine
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Northwinds Contact Solutions

~ by Darren Prine on September 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Benefits and Savings of A “Green” Call Center”

  1. Only thing missing is the use of tools to stay in touch and communicate to your teams without the need to travel to be together. On line coffe breaks can use MSN etc which is a growing trend amongst the young, or skype for those who like verbal approach. Web cams also have a role in enhancing the comms experience and providing aspects of face2face lost in remote teleworking working. Conference calling for team meets, web conferencing, remote PC/service diagnostics etc all are relevant and ‘green’ alternatives to existing practices. At home solar power to run the kit (futher carbon and cost reduction) would be a good extension and provide sufficent volumes for a green energy partner to develope their business more cost effectively alongside. Surplus energy could either be employee ‘perk’ or back to bottom line in form of energy credit from grid?
    Kind regards


    • Mili,

      Thanks for your comments. I agree completely. In addition to Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Chat, Facebook, etc., I also believe a great idea for companies is to create a company “social community” on Ning where employees can create groups, teams, share ideas, ask questions, etc. I know of one company, On The System, that has created the ultimate business communication, intranet social community, and training tool on the market.

      My last company was a national commercial real estate marketing firm with over 100 representatives working from home and we all stayed in touch, shared ideas and worked together very well using chat, the conference call bridge and video chat.

      Thanks again!


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