Press Release: Northwinds Contact Solutions partners with Synergy Vision Partners

Darren Prine                                                      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Northwinds Contact Solutions

Northwinds & Synergy Vision Partners join Forces

In Support of Call Center and Employee Retention Initiatives of Many Companies

Phoenix, AZ – October 29, 2009 Company cutbacks and tight budget constraints are one reason companies are concerned these days with retaining quality employees. By opening up the pool of potential employees by removing the geographical restrictions as a requirement for employment, the virtual call center platform becomes an attractive option for companies.

OnTheSystem: The Management Solution

Synergy Vision Partners is pleased to join forces with Northwinds Contact Solutions . Northwinds provides a custom telework environment which can get your remote workforce up and going in a matter of hours.  In addition and to enhance this virtual systems capabilities, Synergy Vision Partners, using  OnTheSystem, a SaaS based strategic management and collaboration framework, is able to address that and implement the only fully integrated enterprise solution.  Details about “OnTheSystem” include:

  • Quick implementation of strategic direction and current operational policies and procedures to a distributed model
  • Embedded processes and training mitigating down time and/or training costs for workers
  • Captures communication between participants allowing for real time continuous improvement
  • Embedded knowledgebase which provides a common repository for core documents eliminating need for multiple data storage locations
  • Provides an easy environment in which to add users and define job roles with needed competencies allowing for quick alignment with existing resources
  • Permits user access that is tailor able to ensure focus on key objectives at the group, department and company levels
  • No need for external email since all communication is accommodated internally reducing or       eliminating additional licensing costs
    • Is based on Baldrige best practices model and adapts easily to other standards such as ISO, ITIL, and Six Sigma and more.
  • Studies have shown that companies that provide a telework environment save money pure and simple.  As an example, Sun Microsystems provides telework for 56% of their workforce.  Over six years, Sun has saved $20,370 per employee due to reduced building and infrastructure costs.  That’s a total of $387M in real savings.

In addition to the savings to the company, employees at Sun saved on average about $1700 per employee in reduced gasoline costs.  Plus, by keeping their cars off the road with the ability to work from home has made a positive impact on the air quality.  This is becoming a positive trend that with the help of other large telework companies, can and will make a significant impact on our air quality.


~ by Darren Prine on October 30, 2009.

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