Hosted Call Center: Scale Up, Scale Down and Only Pay for What You Use

Imagine being able to scale your call center up or down as needed and only pay for what you use. That would be pretty handy wouldn’t it? How about a solution with scalability and virtually no upfront costs? Scalability may well be the number one reason so many call centers are either moving to or augmenting with hosted call center solutions.

A political group needed to have over 2,000 at-home agents making outbound calls on behalf of their candidates for 30 days. This was easily accomplished by using a hosted solutions provider. The agents were able to connect to the hosted call center platform through their browser and either a home phone or cell phone. Agents logged in through their browser and immediately received a call from the platform which connected them until the time that they logged out. Once connected to the platform, the system’s predictive dialer efficiently dialed outbound calls to constituents and connected them to available agents. The campaign was a tremendous success. It did not require a large capital investment to get started nor was there a penalty for only using the platform for 30 days.

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~ by Darren Prine on April 12, 2011.

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