New ConnectFirst Upgrades Announced

ConnectFirst, the premier provider of cloud based call center solutions, announced today the following upgrades and enhancements to the ConnectFirst network!

New Cloud Routing Feature – Sticky Destinations

The cloud routing system now has the capability of ‘remembering’ what destination a particular caller was connected to. The new feature can be used to try and have your return callers reach the same call center each time they call. There are three modes a cloud routing profile can run in:

Sticky Destinations Disabled (this is the default functionality)Sticky Destinatiions Preferred – In this mode the cloud routing system will attempt the last connected destination first. If it is unable to connect the call it will continue the natural routing.Sticky Destinations Required – In this mode, the cloud routing system will ONLY route calls to the last destination. All other destinations will be removed from the route table.

For more information on Cloud Routing visit

New Web Service Feature – Click-to-Call

ConnectFirst has expanded their remote API library to include a simple to use remote click-to-call feature. This feature can be used to initiate preview dial-like calls from a third party CRM or any other application that may house your lead data.

New Administrative UI Feature – Font Size Control

Users now have the ability to increase or decrease the font size in the ConnectFirst administrative interface.

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~ by Darren Prine on July 18, 2011.

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