The Anti Customer Experience….Experience

Today we are besieged with articles about the importance of Customer Experience.  It makes you wonder, “can there still be companies out there that don’t understand the importance of taking excellent care of their customer?”  Are there still companies that are unaware of how damaging negative social media posts about them can be if they don’t take care of their customer?  The answer is “yes”.  I’ll give just one example below.

On July 2nd, I entered my local MOR Furniture showroom in Murrieta, CA because I needed furniture for my guest room quickly.  I told the manager I was willing to buy en expensive bedroom set if it could be delivered on July 3rd.  I stressed that I had company arriving on the evening of July 3rd and that it was critical everything arrive on that day.  He assured me that they could accommodate me and that my furniture would be delivered on the 3rd.

July 3rd arrived and at 10pm in the evening, the MOR delivery person called and told me he could not arrive until after 1am the next day.  I live in a gated, secure community that does not allow deliveries that late (or early).  I was told I would have to wait until the 4th and it would be delivered then.  I blew up my air mattress and my guests had to make due.  At least it was only going to be for one night and then my beautiful, comfortable guest bedroom set would arrive.

July 4th came and went and MOR was a No Show.  I called them on July 5th and they told me I would now have to wait until the 6th, the day my guests were leaving to receive the furniture.  I asked the call center agent how they planned to make amends to me for 1. not delivering the furniture when it was supposed to be delivered and 2. for inconveniencing my guests who had to sleep on a leaking air mattress.  MOR made no apologies for their mistakes and offered me no compensation other than waiving the shipping fee.

Over the weekend, I posted about my horrible experience with MOR’s delivery, or lack of delivery, the lack of compassion by their call center agents and managers, and my overall negative experience.  I posted all over Facebook, LinkedIn and Yelp.  Do you think anyone from MOR commented or reached out to me to try and appease me?  Nope.  Of course they didn’t because MOR Furniture does not understand or appreciate how important it is to take great care of their customers.  Not only that but they are living back in time, in a time/place where you don’t have to fear Social Media nor respond to it.  What substantial company doesn’t have at least a few agents or marketing people watching Social Media for comments that they can respond to?  Who doesn’t want to address customer issues/complaints and use it as an opportunity to turn  an angry customer into a “raving fan”?  MOR Furniture for one.

It’s true, companies, by and large, are understanding that you cannot simply be in business for the money anymore.  You have to truly be of service.  Being in business today requires taking exceedingly good care of your customer.  While most are striving to become a company with a focus on Customer Experience, there are still some dinosaurs out there, waiting for extinction.


By Darren Prine

~ by Darren Prine on July 11, 2014.

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